Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emotions and Social Networking Sites

In honor of Google +, I've tried to think of every possible reaction to postings on social network sites. Let me know if I missed any.  
Your baby is cute.

I’m so glad you moved.

You are funny, except when you insulted me on our first date.

Interesting article.

I love YouTube.

If it weren’t for your name, I wouldn’t remember you.

Drink plenty of fluids.

You are still married?

Good job!

No, I don’t own that.

Maybe I should change MY profile picture.

How do we know all those people in common?

That sucks!

I think your sprinkler might be on.

That’s great you got published. I’m still probably not going to read it.

You totally save the world.

You did NOT say that.

Feel better!

Did Hitler REALLY do that?

I’m not posting that on my profile.

It does suck that it’s closing.

You are moving? Again?

The situation in Syria is so messed up.

Everything now ends in geddon.

Is that a poorly veiled drug reference?

Man, your wife is a lucky woman.

She settled.

I totally went out with her new boyfriend from jdate.

She always posts great quotes!

Why are you writing in ALL CAPS?

Stop complaining. YOU wanted to move to the suburbs. That’s what you get.

Happy Birthday!

Yes, I do have recommendations.

So tragic!

I’ve been to that beach!

Man, I could never do a half marathon.

So, true, about the weather.

Why is that coming up on my profile?

Wow, I really don’t care.

Stop the misspellings!

Yummm, I love that place, too.

I don’t get it.

It must really be hard to be you.

You are reliving college.

You were always so nice in high school.

I don’t give a flying *#&@ about Harry Potter.

I am not an expert on electronics.

That looks like fun.


Yeah, I can go.

Do you think that maybe you’re an alcoholic?

You couldtotally sell that photo on Craig’s List or EBay.

I’m glad you like your cat.

I want that.
You are a fan of that team. Loser.

SHE’S on Facebook?

I’m glad that religion eases your fear.

Good job!

You always go to cool places.

I bet you are a good mom.

I’m not opening that photo album.

Have fun on your vacation!

Good night to you, too.

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scarpetta said...

more from my dad:

Get over it

That's an oxymoron

It is what it is.