Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had been having a hard time getting into the Jewish Community Heroes project sponsored by The Jewish Federations of North America. Then I received something on Facebook asking me to vote for my friend who was nominated: , and at first (no offense to the person, you know I love you) I was like, what makes this person a hero?

But then I thought about it, and I am happy that so many diverse Jewish people are being recognized for their commitment to Jewish life and can serve as models for the so many disengaged Jewish Americans who are like the idiot son in the Seder who can't ask a question (come on, he's an idiot. He could have asked how Matza is made.)

I also give credit the the Jewish Federations of North America for coming up with something innovative and grass roots. Nice work. It's also great to see so many people working so hard for Jewish causes, both meta and micro.

So who did I vote for? A bunch of different people. Two I know, the rest I don't.

I'll tell you who I think should be on the list next year:

1. A Congregational Rabbi (NYC)
2. A woman who is the Executive Director of a Jewish Federation (IN)
3. A guy who runs an organization devoted to Mifgash (Chicago)
4. A woman who started a center for Israel education (Chicago)
5. A woman who works her tush off for Taglit-Birthright Israel (LA)
6. My dad
7. A former principal of small city Day Schools (Israel but much of career in U.S.)
8. A principal and Rebbetzin (IN)
9. A great teacher with her PhD (Chicago)
10. A great MD who studies Jewish ethics in the realm of the world of OBGYN  (Chicago
11. Another Congregational Rabbi (NYC)
12. A great informal educator (Boston)
13. A asst VP at a Jewish Federation who is awesome and energetic (Chicago)
14. A young woman who brought a hip Jewish publication to fruition (Chicago)
15. Jewish Educator (FL)
16. Holocaust Survivor who tells her story (Chicago)
17. Founder of Clinic to provide affordable health care for the poor (IN)
18. A woman who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for not for profits (IN)
19. An assistant basketball coach for an NBA team (Boston)
20. Jewish Educator (Chicago)
21. A Veteran of the Iraq War (DC)
22. Congregational Rabbi (Deerfield)
23. A young woman battling MS  who started a fund to battle the illness(CA)
24. Founder of program that empowers teens to get involved politically
25. history professor/minyan starter (CA)

But that's for next year. Go vote here: Jewish Community Heroes . It's motivating to read through the nominations and gave me a push that I can always be doing a little more...