Saturday, March 21, 2009

AIG's Bonus Round

What I think is most amusing about this mess with AIG and bonuses is the stunning negligence by both the current and previous President and our lawmakers in making provisions in the stimulus packages that would override a company’s contractual obligation to secure its executives bonuses.

Are our representative in the House and Senate working for us or are they signing bills based on partisanship or pressure?

It’s not really that shocking, I guess. No one really reads anything they agree to anymore. Hence, the mortgage crisis.

Congress: you are not there to be yes people for President Obama. You are there to represent your constituents. Even if you don’t represent our opinions, you owe it to us to read the fine print.

And to the handful of smirking Republicans who voted against the bill. You didn’t read the fine print either, so you have some explaining to do as well. You just voted against it to vote against it. Had you really wanted to look out for your constituents, you would have discovered the bonuses problem too and pointed that out to your fellow legislators and the president.

No one is immune from criticism because let’s face it, you didn’t do your job.

Ironic when unemployment is over 8 percent.

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