Monday, March 2, 2009

10 compelling news pieces for your enjoyment

I don’t know if you get overwhelmed by the number of articles and news segments on the internet and end up reading less than you would like. Here are some news articles (and video/audio) from this week that I found compelling. Please feel free to post your own.

1. My favorite columnist Thomas Friedman explains why Hillary Clinton is demonstrating strength rather than weakness by appointing super undersecretaries of state.

2. Question: Has a new eating disorder has evolved from the health food craze or is just a new manifestation of OCD.

3. and anti anorexia web sites emerging to fight the pro anorexia ones.

4. Jeff Bezos, founder of CEO, explains why Amazon is thriving in the failing economy. His upbeat message made me hopeful.

5. Paul Harvey's voice will be forever embedded in my audio memory. He died this week at age 90. Good Day, Mr. Harvey.

6. Father of slain journalist Daniel Pearl comments on the rise of anti-Semitism on campuses

7. A new Multiple Sclerosis Drug may help some sufferers of the disease walk.

8. Remember Kosovo? Convictions were issued (and not) last week in war crimes trials.

9. You know it’s bad when Mr. Wiesel hates you.

10. Stop trying to be so damn happy, and you’ll be happy.

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