Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jonathan Pollard

Before you start demanding that President Obama allow convicted spy Jonathan Pollard to attend his father's z'l funeral, I want you to answer the following questions.

1. What was Mr. Pollard's relationship with his parents before he was incarcerated?

2. Has he spoken to or refused to speak to his parents while has incarcerated?

3. How did he respond to his parents lifelong attempts to grant him clemency?

4. Has he allowed his parents to visit him while he was in jail?

5. Did he petition George W. Bush to see his mother while she was on her death bed or to go to her funeral?

6. Before his parents were deathly ill, did Jonathan Pollard allow them to visit him in prison or wish to see them?

7. Who are the family members making the death bed requests?

7. Do all prisoners, no matter their status, have the right to a. visit their parents on their death beds  b. attend their funerals?

Answer the above questions. After learning the answers, please protest or don't.  Dr. Pollard was a brilliant scientist. His scientific findings were never based on "truthiness." I think he would expect the same from his son's supporters.

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