Monday, February 1, 2010

What killed Jennifer Lyon?

Meet Jennifer Lyon, age 37. She died a couple of weeks ago. Her killer: not having health insurance.

How can I know that? You are right. I don't. But she made a decision as so many people do, not to go to the doctor because it's too expensive, because they don't have insurance. She found a lump and didn't see a doctor until another one appeared.

I guess we'll never know what would have happened had she seen a doctor right away, had she had health insurance.

Tell your U.S. Senator, in Jennifer's name, to pass health care reform.

Click here for your Senators' contact info. And they do take every email into account.

Thanks to Marisa Sanders who passed this on to me. It's about an actor who didn't seek proper treatment because he didn't have health insurance.

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Dirk1 said...

Not even close. She didn't die becuase of her lack of health insurance. She decided not to see a doctor. She decided her lump wasn't important. She decided that buying health insurance or paying for one doctor visit wan't worth the money, or that seeking a readily available free mammogram wasn't worth her time. Somehow, once she did see a doctor she immediately got multiple surgeries and aggressive treatment, despite having been uninsured. It's sad this lady died, but making her into some health insurance martyr is fraudulent. The fact is people choose what they spend money on unwisely, and seek health care sporadically. Federalizing health care will lead to a shortage of health care, huge unfunded entitlements, and a collapse of the free market, particularly if you expect a job. It makes no sense on any level of health care delivery, but makes lots of sense if you prefer a socialist economy. Welcome to the next Bulgaria!