Sunday, February 14, 2010

10 resolutions for 10 days Feb. 15-25

I am anticipating an incredibly stressful week and although I can't control what comes at me, I can control how I respond to it. Here is my plan to stay calm and cool.

1. Eat right
I will not skip meals. I will eat at least one healthy snack in between meals. I will eat enough protein, vegetables and fruit and not carb out because I'm stressed.

2. Go to the gym
I will hit the gym at least three times between Monday and Saturday for an hour each time.

3. Caffeine intake
I will not have more than 2 cups of coffee every day.

4. Posture check
I will make sure that I'm sitting at my desk in an ergonomically correct way so I won't have neck, shoulder or arm pain.

5. Stretching breaks
I will take three breaks during the day to stretch and do three poses each time from here:

6. Sleep
I will sleep for at least seven hours each night.

7. Humidifier
I will not be lazy and use it every night.

8. Obstacles
If something happens that messes up my week, I won't catastrophize it, I will take things as they come and do my best.

9. Temper
I will remember to not take others frustrations personally.

10. Temper
I will not interrupt, even if I know what someone is going to say. Instead I will breathe through it.

What are your tips for dealing with a stressful week?

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Anonymous said...

I will try to follow your observations. I think it's also helpful to help others with stress in a constructive way.