Friday, October 10, 2008

Conversation with My Cable Company

I call RCN and 182 minutes later:

RCN: Hello this is ... speaking

Me: Hi, for some reason the number of cable channels that I have has been reduced by about 70 percent including TBS (the network showing the Cubs playoff games) since Monday. I've reset my cable box five times hoping the signal would work. It's not. Can you help me?

RCN: Ok I am sending you the signal now. Go to your t.v. and see if it worked.

Me: Ok, but please, please don't hang up.

RCN: I won't, mam.

[I walk to the t.v. and no TBS]

Me: It didn't work.

RCN: Ok mam, I'm going to send you the super duper extra strong signal. It should work in two to three hours. But it may work in ten minutes

Me: Ok, but what if it doesn't?

RCN: You can call us back and we will be happy to help you.

Me: Look I'm not blaming you but do you have any kind of indicator of how long I've been on hold.

RCN: No, mam.

Me: I've been on hold for 182 minutes.

RCN: Oh, well, we have been hearing that from other customers. But we get about 500 calls an hour and there are not many of us working here.

Me: Ok, well can you tell someone, like a manager that this is unacceptable and ludicrous.

RCN: Yes, and the bad part is that the people who call are quite cranky when they talk to me.

Me: I'm sorry to hear that.

RCN: Yes, and there are not many of us working here you know. And these calls are recorded so when people become abusive we have to be nice because the calls are recorded.

Me: Well, I would never been abusive. But what should I do if the super duper extra strong signal doesn't work?

RCN: Well, let's set up an appointment with a service person and if you don't need him then you can cancel.

Me: Great

RCN: Oh My God.

Me: What?

RCN: The next available time is at 1 p.m. next Wednesday.

Me: Forget it. I'm not scheduling that. I work.

RCN: Well, Mam, I have a great feeling about this super duper extra strong signal.

Me: So if it doesn't work I'm supposed to sit on hold for three hours again tomorrow?

RCN: Yes, I guess so mam.

Me: Ok, well let's hope the super duper strong signal works.

RCN: Good luck, mam. i have a feeling that it will.

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