Thursday, April 7, 2011

What do you think of this plan for Israel?

I met with a 73 year old Israeli who is an expert in the Middle East. He was there in pre state Palestine during the Jerusalem siege; he fought in Abu Tor during the Six Day War. He was a tour guide and an outstanding person. Much of this is what he thinks this should be the final peace between Israel and the Palestinians and to keep the state of Israel a modern state.  There are some elements of this that are from other people as well. I may or may not agree with these ideas, so don't attack me personally, please. I'm just putting it out there.

What do you think?

  • Pre 67 borders with a few adjustments (Maale Adumim)
  • Jerusalem run by its local population with IDF security for 50 years
  • All international border security controlled by IDF for 50 years.
  • Settlers  financially  incentivized  to live in the North or South. All moving costs covered.
  • Jerusalem home owners must either live there or have renters. Show proof of habitation at least 8 months/year.
  • High Speed Train from Gaza to West Bank.
  • Israeli Arabs can stay with full citizenship rights.
  • Creation of Civil Marriage.
  • Only 1800 yeshiva students exempt/year from army or national service.
  • In order to qualify for child tax credits, incentivize Haredim to work 20 hours/week.  


Aaron Magid said...

Hey Sharna,
1. What about refugees? You can't solve the conflict w/o dealing with this issue.
2. It does not appear that he is calling for a Palestinian state in East Jerusalem. If so this is a complete non-starter with Abbas.
3 A NATO or USA role in the West Bank and Gaza might be the best way to ensure long term security.
These are just some initial thoughts. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

In general, where do I sign up? But...

- Pre-67 borders with a few adjustments... Do these adjustments go both ways? Do we lose territory inside the Green Line in order to keep Maale Adumim? If so, how much and where, and what happens to the residents of that territory?

- Settlers are incentivized to move inside the Green Line. But what if they don't? Will they become equal Palestinian citizens? Will they remain under Israeli protection?

- Presumably this plan would have the WB and Gaza become a Palestinian state, but it doesn't actually say that.

- The plan says nothing at all about Palestinian refugees.

- If Jerusalem is "run by its local population with IDF security for 50 years", does it remain the capital of Israel? Does it become the capital of Palestine?

- Presumably, the plan means that a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel would, after 50 years, gain control of its own external borders. What happens in Jerusalem after 50 years?

- I don't really relate to the "Jerusalem home owners" thing -- I know, lots of folks say that there is a real problem with wealthy foreigners buying up property in Jerusalem to serve as infrequently inhabited second homes, driving up prices for the actual residents, but does the problem belong on this list, and is this the right solution? I don't know.