Tuesday, November 4, 2008


If you need a break from election coverage, yesterday NPR aired a five minute segment on the history of the F-bomb. It wasn't just for kicks. There is a U.S. Supreme Court case about it and oral arguments are today. I'm curious if any of the justices will drop the F-bomb or if they will use other terminology.

It would be cool to hear Justice Ginsburg tell Justice Scalia to.... And she just might if Obama is elected president. No. No. I'm sure they are all friends and then just "bring it on" when it comes time to decide the cases.

The best part of the segment is that it's safe for work - unless you're a teacher. Then maybe not. Or if you work somewhere silent (ashram, library).


If you want to learn more about the case go to my favorite Supreme Court web site, here.


Scott said...

There was actually a whole documentary done on the "F word" that is hilarious.

Check out http://www.fourletterfilm.com/

dirk said...

I'm trying to remeber why my tax dollars go to NPR. Are there not enough left-wing news sources in the commercial market? Does the anti-Israeli media need a government perch? Say what you want about them, but at least the right-wing talk radio people are paying their own way.

sharna said...

Dirk you're sort of a Debbie Downer.

dirk said...

I think that's why I rarely get invited anywhere. I've just never been the cheerful type.

dirk said...

Ok, I'm ready for the next topic. This is almost like we're dating, huh?